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The Confederacy of Dunces

Go behind closed doors at the Federal Reserve, on Wall Street, and in the White House to identify the fifty people most responsible for causing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

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One Decision at a Time

Trace the development of the financial crisis, step-by-step, through the actions of the individuals and organizations that brought the United States to its knees.

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What is meant by "The 92ers?"

When Harvard proposed eliminating the Dean’s List in October 2002, fully 92% of upperclassmen were on the Dean’s List!  Of course, if 92% of eligible people merit some sort of achievement, it can’t be much of an achievement. The list of the fifty people most responsible for the crisis – i.e. the Confederacy of Dunces – is dominated by Ivy League graduates. As demonstrated by the common denominator of an Ivy League degree, the true root cause of the financial crisis was a purely human factor; the completely false sense of omnipotence, self-importance and entitlement among the country’s elite, as well as the nurturing of these beliefs at Ivy League colleges and other elite universities.  

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